Interview & Review: Bob Brink

Book: Murder in Palm Beach


Bio: Bob Brink is a retired journalist who worked in the Midwestern United States and Florida. His byline’s have appeared in thousands of news stories, features, and entertainment reviews. In recent years he Ghost Wrote a short memoir and two novels.  He has won numerous writing accolades and several awards.  A Midwesterner, Bob graduated from Drake University in Des Moines Iowa.

Book: Murder in Palm Beach , The homicide that never died.

Rating : Four and a half Full Sails   (Explanation of My Rating System)
   This book is based on true events that occurred in West Palm Beach Florida, starting in the mid 1970’s.   Written in a style that reminds the reader of an old detective novel, with characters whose names seem to jump right out of early genre, Murder in Palm Beach , is a true detective story with a strong emotional twist. Three distinct worlds collide, the life of a well-connected wealthy restaurateur, the local legal authorities, and a brawler named Mitt Hecher.  Mitt is disliked by the local police, because he is in constant trouble. He is a barroom brawler with karate skills.  Rodger Kriger the restaurant owner is wealthy, has a family, and a girlfriend on the side. Rodger also has a big mouth, and that is the impetus of the plot around his murder. The local authorities end up with a prominent citizen murdered and no solid leads during an election year, so someone has to take the fall for murder.  The assistant DA John Scarponia has failed before to put Mitt Hecher away, but now he sees an opportunity.  Will justice prevail?
   This story is engaging from the start, for several reasons. It has a strong emotional draw, you really get attached to the thug Mitt Hecher. Mitts character evolves as he falls in love, gets married, becomes a father. This book will stir the curiosity of any reader to search Google a few times—even if you’re not a Florida resident—because of the accusations that are made by the characters and the references to national political powers. Mitts life is in turmoil for several years, his wife develops an illness and he manages to survive in prison and becomes well liked by other prisoners and guards. He uses his skills as a fighter to teach other inmates self defense. His actions in turn get noticed by the guards and warden in a positive light. I never guessed the ending—it was not expected. The next time I drive over the Sunshine Sky-way bridge, I'll think about how this book ended. 

Interview: Bob Brink
Artemis: What book are you reading on your Kindle right now?
Bob: Crossers, by Philip Caputo.  Philip is the author of about fifteen books including—A Rumor of War—a classic memoir of his time as a Marine in the Vietnam war.
Artemis: What books influenced you as a teen and young adult?
Bob: Probably the one that most impressed me was The Great Gatsby, for its flowing eloquence. I once had the last page memorized.  Also, Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye had me staying up late a couple of nights, and I was enthralled by  Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov and Crime and Punishment, which was a lot easier to get through.
Artemis: Tell me a little bit about your writing process.
Bob: Unlike a lot of novelists, I don’t outline. I have a concept and a rough idea of where I want to go, and may jot down a few notes on that. As I write, the ideas pop-up and I go with them.
Artemis: I really like how Mitt’s character changed. Tell me about that metamorphosis.
Bob: He went through a complete change. I looked at his evolution from a despised societal outcast who beat up guys for money, to evolve and become a protector of the weak. In prison he becomes a caring father and husband.
Artemis: I think you succeeded at developing Mitt Hecher, he became this great guy that I would not mind being friends with.  Your readers are in for a surprise at the end of the story.  Bob, thanks for being on my blog, best of luck with your book-Murder in Palm Beach .  
Bob: Thanks for having me on, enjoyed it!


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