The Emperor of all Maladies { A Biography of Cancer }

By Siddhartha Mukherjee

    My Rating Five Full Sails !


     I have re-read this book five times. As a cancer patient who is currently in remission for two years, this has been my go to book for understanding a disease and making a human connection with the disease itself.   As the author writes" Cancer is a distorted version of ourselves." 

    If you are caring for someone who has this disease or are going through it yourself, this is the book the explains what cancer is and ties it with a brilliantly written narrative that intertwines a doctor with each patient.  As you read through Carla's story with leukemia, the author entwines the history of uncovering  this illness with past and present patients.  He explores that mysticism that ancient doctors used to describe something that was unable to be understood in earlier times.   But they now  know what Cancer is, and as the author carefully advises we are only at the beginning of understanding this disease.

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    So why fives times for me? Well my patent answer that I tell people is "I've been through three full cycles of chemo therapy and now I forget a lot. " But the book is an interesting read, and every time I go abck through it my understanding of what has affected me gets deeper. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer