What If Only

By Tobias Van Buren


Rating: Five Full Sails

Excellent production, passed proofreading. Excellent characters and story lines.

Paperback Link : What If Only 

Kindle Link : What If Only E-Book

About The Author

Tobias is a past winner of the South Carolina fiction project. He spent his working life in the coastal areas of South Carolina as a commercial fisherman, that included, clam cultivation, shark fishing, crabbing, and shrimping. 
He is semi-retired in Vero Beach Fl. 

About The Book 

I read the paperback version which is two-hundred-sixteen pages. What If Only is a collection made up of thirty-two short stories with a varied cast of characters young, old and middle aged. It would not be correct to say that these characters are experiencing everything that most of us feel and go through in our lives, but the reader will feel commonality in some cases. The exception is how Tobias gets inside his characters heads, and while your following the situation-you the reader-are understanding things the characters cannot grasp. You'll empathize with some, shake your head at others, and in the case of the title story, What If Only, you can sense the regret.    

Question For The Author

What is your best fish story?  He told me, "commercial fisherman don't have fish stories."  I pressed on, because I find that hard to believe.  He said read, Blood Work, in the book. The story recounts catching a shark. 

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