By Haidji 


Harables: Short Stories 1 (Volume 1)  Eighteen short stories for the young adult reader. I would recommend this book to young girls between twelve and sixteen.
After reading the reviews on GoodReads it seems she has a slightly broader audience than just teenage girls. I stand by my recommendation because I feel that is her niche.

Let's sample, The Crystal Girl.

From the book: The sun reflected over the beach sand on this late spring afternoon, while Clare was walking over the sand, holding a crystal in her hands.
Blonde hair, brown eyes, pale skin.  

That excerpt from the story is the opening paragraph of The Crystal Girl.  My daughter read it and immediately created a scene in her mind with her fertile imagination.  As an adult reader, I wanted more description of the scene. 

Harables is an inspiring, blossoming book for a young mind. It tackles subjects that many teens face like being transferred to The New School. Another story that responds to the imaginative young reader. 

This book has the voice of spirited youth, enjoy. 

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