The Death of Artemio Cruz


By Carlos Fuentes

The The Death of Artemio Cruz  is a Latin American Classic that crosses borders of status, nationality, and cleverly mixes through brilliant writing a blend of the first person voice with alternating, second and third person voices to build a story that has no plot. Right from the beginning you know what has happened. Mr Cruz is dying. What Fuentes builds through a change of voice is a character devolving under his own consciousness and actions taken throughout his life.  
Rating: Five Full Sails

Carlos Fuentes, Wikipedia Biography  was heavily influenced by the movie Citizen Kane, which he first viewed at the age of ten and acknowledged, in interviews, that he saw the movie several times throughout his life, leaving an indelible impression on him as a person and as a writer. The parallels of Artemio Cruz and Citizen Kane are clear.

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Spanish Version
La Muerte de Artemio Cruz (Spanish Edition)

English Version
The Death of Artemio Cruz

Harold Bloom: Critical Interpretations

Carlos Fuentes' the Death of Artemio Cruz (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations (Hardcover))

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