Life In The Lions Mouth

By James R Dubbs

Robert the central character in a cast of many is a young man who must come to terms with events concerning his father, his own inability to stand up for himself and his strange habits. To remedy this he joins a traveling circus. 

Life in the Lion's Mouth, is a young adult coming of age story that is set in the early nineteen-sixties rural Pennsylvania. He faces challenges of conscious, deals with loss of honor and hope for redemption and homesickness. He does this while traveling with his new friends and co-workers. To Whitey, the circus manager, Robert is someone to take in and mold for bigger things. To Randy, Robert is a friend. From Archie, Robert must try to defend himself, and his love for Archie's sister, Anna.
Anna, who captures Roberts heart, is a guitar swingin show stopping country singing girl who befriends Robert and gives him a more relaxed nickname.

Through their travels together, Robert wants something, he needs to resolve a issue from his childhood, and his journey to get that resolution takes him through farm towns, small towns, the folk scene in Greenwich Village NYC, and finally back to where everything started.
The writing is descriptive, clear and Mr. Dubbs creates many visuals throughout the book.


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