Bullfighting, By Roddy Doyle


Short Story Collection

By Roddy Doyle

In my continuing effort to find excellent relevant books on the cheap. I bring you Bullfighting. 

Bullfighting is a collection of short stories, one of the stories is titled Bullfighting, and throughout this collection of shorts is a recurring theme. All the stories deal with men who are going through various stages of loss of something, something that made them who they are. It could be grief, loss of virility, or loss of a loved one.

I enjoyed Bullfighting: Stories the best, because it deviates slightly from the rest of the book. Donal, the main character has a good life, no complaints, has rounds of pints with his chums.  He has a government job, with little risk. And that is what is missing from his life, so at a moment, he takes a risk, a big risk and the consequences could be fatal.

Sleep was my second favorite story.  It's a husbands appreciate of his wife after many years of marriage and raising a family. Doyles style is Irish all the way, his verbal imagery would take any Bostonian back to hearing the voices of long lost grandparents from another time.
This book is not a #YA read, but it would make a great gift for any father out there who's raised a family.

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