My Review Ratings

I use a two tiered review system for books.  The upper tier is the Full Sail rating system that ranges from one to five Full Sails. This is my highest rating system for a book. It represents a technically excellent book. If I read a book, but don't like the book, if its technically perfect, and well written, I'll still use this rating system. Books on my blog that are rated in this tier will probably be a good read if you are interested in the genre. Example of a truly excellent book would be a rating of Five Full Sails.

My standard rating system is a one to five sails score which will be given to books that do not meet the upper tier system qualifications. An example of a book that might still be a buy because the story was well thought out and interesting would be anything above Three and Half  Sails.  Books that are rated under this system were deemed to have some technical errors, either in spelling, word omission, or some other technical error that should have been picked up by an editor, proof reader or the author.

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